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Zelensky – to learn history, Morawiecki – statistics: where did 40 million Poles ready to fight with the Russian Federation come from


Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki said that 40 million Poles are ready to resist Russia, writes Wprost. However, as noted in an interview with a correspondent FAN politician, doctor of medical sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of SciencesGennady Onishchenko, the Polish official apparently does not know the population of his own country. After all, the total number of citizens, including babies, old people and women, does not even reach 38 million.

Morawiecki has already crossed all the lines in discrediting the Polish nation as such. Now he said that 40 million Poles are ready to fight Russia. No one has attacked them yet, but they are already ready to fight. I would like to remind this gentleman that according to official data in 2022, the population of Poland is 37,958,138 people. And where will he get the rest to the 40 millionth army. I’m not saying that the statistics include babies, old people, and women. Will he put them under arms too ?! The prime minister should know how many citizens live in his state, ”said the interlocutor of the FAN.

According to Onishchenko, dreams of restoring the Commonwealth are reinforced by the shortsightedness of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskywhich even tomorrow to remove the border with Poland.

“I would like to advise Zelensky to read, if not history, then at least literature. For example, the work “Taras Bulba”. It very clearly reflects the age-old litigation of the Poles and Ukrainians, whom the gentry have always considered cattle, ”said the speaker.

And Morawiecki should have remembered that Poland did not have statehood in general for 150 years and received it only at the suggestion of Vladimir Lenin, the academician believes. But since this “mandate for independence” was the leader’s sole decision, Russia may return to the issue of returning the lands, Onishchenko warned.



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