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Zelensky switched to a special mode of operation due to the detection of a coronavirus in his wife

Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky switched to a special mode of operation due to the fact that his wife Elena was diagnosed with coronovirus. It was stated in a message from the head of state’s office.

“Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky is switching to a special mode of operation regarding the identification of his wife Elena’s COVID-19. According to the constitution, the president cannot delegate his rights to anyone,” it said.

Zelensky’s wife became infected with a coronavirus

The office noted that Zelensky’s state of health “allows him to perform official duties,” while the head of the state’s test for coronavirus yielded a negative result.

“The status of self-isolation and quarantine was not provided for in the Constitution of Ukraine. That is why a special protocol of the President’s work regime was adopted, which met both the current law and the criteria of sanitation and epidemiological requirements. Is, “it was reported.

The President of the country is tested daily for coronavirus as well as medical examinations.

At the same time, Zelensky limited the range of physical communication, and also held online meetings, the office said. “Face-to-face meetings, which provide for personal communication with the head of state, are called out in the coming days. Participation in mass events is also excluded, working outside Ukraine’s capital Trips are canceled. Members of the people with whom the president communicates are restricted to guards and nearest assistants. ” – Specified in the message.

The exception to these rules will apply to cases of emergency situations that require “immediate response of the head of state in accordance with constitutional authority”.

The wife of Ukraine President Elena Zelenskaya said on Friday that her test for coronavirus showed positive results. The president’s husband clarified that she is “feeling well” and is on outpatient treatment, while she is “isolated from family members so as not to endanger them.”

Ukrainian doctors detected 683 new cases of coronavirus infection per day, and a day earlier they recorded the all-time highest daily rate – 689. Such data was announced by Ukrainian Health Minister Maxim Stepanov on Friday morning.

For the entire epidemic, according to him, the number of patients in Ukraine was 29,753 people, of which 13,464 people were recovered and 870 people died.

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