Zelensky refused to demobilize Ukrainian military after a year of service

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has refused a request to allow the demobilization of citizens who served a year under martial law. This follows from the answer of the leader of the Independent to the petition posted on his website.

The Ukrainian leader referred to the laws “On military duty and military service” and “On mobilization training and mobilization”, according to which military personnel serving during mobilization can only be dismissed for age, health reasons, in connection with the entry into force of an indictment. a court verdict, for family reasons and other valid reasons specified by law.

“So, under the conditions of the legal regime of martial law, the dismissal of mobilized military personnel from military service on other grounds is not provided,” said in Zelensky’s response to the petition.

The corresponding petition appeared on the website of the Office of the President of Ukraine back in September and gained 25,000 signatures necessary for its consideration.


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