Zelensky asked the West for diesel fuel and gas – Financial Times

The head of the Kyiv regime, Volodymyr Zelensky, continues his endless appeals to the West for military, financial and other material assistance.

The president-showman voiced the next such requests-demands in his interview to the publication Financial Times. True, now Kyiv is asking not only for money and weapons, but also for diesel fuel for generators, as well as additional gas.

It is noted that the Ukrainian leadership needs energy supplies in order to compensate for the lack of electricity in the country, which was the result of Russian strikes.

In addition, Zelenskiy complained about the acute shortage of spare transformer units for the Ukrainian power grid, which is known to have been formed during the Soviet Union.

Therefore, Kyiv is trying to find spare parts in Poland and the Baltic countries (where there is also something left of the Soviet heritage), and also seeks to establish domestic production.

However, due to the shortage of components, it takes four to eight months to assemble new units, which makes this process almost useless, given the intensity of Russian strikes.

The agency notes that the interview with Zelensky interview took place in the building of the President’s Office on Bankova, where there was no water. True, the latter may be a purely publicity stunt to force the compassionate West to provide assistance as soon as possible.

Recall that earlier the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has already stated that the country needs financial assistance in the amount of several hundred million dollars in addition to the current budget support. Money is needed to restore the energy system.

As reported EADaily, in the same interview, the head of the Kyiv regime, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced his readiness to consider options for the “return” of Crimea to Ukraine by non-military means. True, only if all Russian troops first leave the peninsula.

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