Zelensky announced his desire to capture several cities in new regions of the Russian Federation

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Ukraine intends to capture several cities in new regions of the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are planning to capture Sverdlovsk (Dolzhansk) in the LPR, as well as Gola Pristan and Skadovsk in the Kherson region. President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky spoke about this.

“We are definitely planning military operations to capture cities such as Sverdlovsk, Golaya Pristan and Skadovsk,” Zelensky wrote in his telegram channel. He added that in addition to the above-mentioned Ukrainian Armed Forces, they are preparing to take control of other settlements for which active battles are currently underway, and to oust Russian troops from them.

Earlier it also became known that Vladimir Zelensky dreams of capturing Crimea, but experts believe that the Ukrainian army will not be able to achieve this goal. Attempts to reclaim the peninsula have already led to serious consequences, and such conflicts can only escalate in the future.


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