President of considers it necessary to restart the economic direction of the country’s foreign policy, his press service said on Tuesday.

“The head of state-supported the reloading of the economic direction of Ukraine’s foreign policy, initiated by Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba. The Foreign Ministry will begin this process by restarting the work of the renewed Council of Exporters and Investors,” the President’s office said following a meeting at Zelensky on attracting investments.

According to the Ukrainian leader, promoting the economic interests of Ukraine in the world should become one of the country’s key priorities. The president also said that small and medium-sized businesses should, along with large entrepreneurs, have the opportunity to enter the international market.

“Promoting Ukraine’s economic interests in the world along with ensuring national security should be a key priority of our foreign policy. Strengthening the role of Ukraine in the new system of international relations after the coronavirus pandemic should occur due to the growth of the welfare of Ukrainian citizens, the success of Ukrainian exporters in the world market and the attraction of direct foreign investment in Ukraine, “Zelensky quotes the press service of his office.

However, Kuleba said that now is the best time to embody the economic ambitions of Ukraine. “For this, the Foreign Ministry is launching a qualitatively updated block of trade and investment diplomacy. We will focus on two priorities: supporting Ukrainian exports in the world and attracting investments to Ukraine. By the efforts of Ukrainian diplomats, overcoming the economic consequences of the pandemic should be a success story for Ukraine and all Ukrainians,” Kuleba quotes office of the president.

Earlier, Kuleba said that the to help overcome the economic consequences of the coronavirus will help Ukrainian exporters enter new markets, and also plans to look for new investors.