Zakharova spoke about the tradition of Lavrov on March 8 and how foreigners celebrate the holiday

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, told which countries celebrate March 8. She noted that foreign business trips often fell on this particular holiday. In the new release show “Let me tell!” the diplomat shared that what she remembers most of all is the attitude of the Chinese towards International Women’s Day.

“In China, this holiday is really treated as International Women’s Day. There are a number of countries, but still not on such a large scale. It seems to me that everything came together in general: for you, Women’s Independence Day, and the day, I think “Male solidarity. And you love, and sweets, and flowers, and mimosas, and tulips. And at the same time, knowledge of history. Our predecessors defended the opportunity to work. That is, everything came together. And, in my opinion, this is wonderful, ” — noted the diplomat.

She also said that during business trips on March 8, Foreign Minister Serey Lavrov traditionally enters the cabin of the aircraft during the flight in order to “give flowers” ​​to the female delegation on behalf of all Russian diplomats. According to Zakharova, this glorious tradition is firmly entrenched in the ministry, as Russian society has “correctly placed accents,” which cannot be said about some Western countries.

“For example, I just recently got acquainted with the initiative of the German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, who released the concept of a feminist foreign policy. And, to be honest, a chill went down my spine, because it smelled like some kind of ball stuff. <...> In my opinion, this is simply anti-scientific, and then the rest of the epithets, “- Zakharova added.

In a conversation with the hosts of the show, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry told how to respond correctly to the facts of information aggression and whether we should launch an active offensive on this front. Full release see the link.


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