Zakharova reminded Blinken of the habit of the United States to attack other states

In response to the statement by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that Americans do not like it when big countries attack other states, Maria Zakharova advised him to remember the history of the United States. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry recalled how many times the United States attacked other countries.

“I may be wrong, but until today this person represented the United States, and not some other country. The secretary of state is obliged to know the history of at least his state. Is it not the United States that attacked Iraq? Or is Iraq not a small enough country?” wrote Zakharov in the Telegram channel.

She clarified that she refreshes these facts in Blinken’s memory “not instinctively, but consciously.” Zakharova noted that the history of the States is stained with blood.

“The history of the United States, although short, but bloody, has formed the image of a state hostile to the peoples that do not obey its will,” Zakharova stated.


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