Zakharova remembered Susanin in response to Poland’s calculations of damage from the USSR

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, recalled the feat of Ivan Susanin, who did not give the Poles the whereabouts of the Russian Tsar Mikhail Romanov, for which he was tortured to death by them. She advised the Polish authorities to study history instead of rewriting it.

“I propose to demand half of Poland only for Susanin. And I remind the uneducated of the contribution of the USSR to the liberation of Warsaw from the Nazis and the restoration of the Polish state after the Second World War,” – she wrote in the telegram channel in response to the news about Warsaw’s calculation of damage from the USSR during the Second World War.

Recall that in Poland they began to calculate the damage from the USSR during the Second World War. The Polish Institute of Military Affairs is working on the report. According to the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister Arkadiusz Mulyarchik, this will be a solid work, showing “both the entire aspect of the occupation, as well as the dismantling of factories in the western territories, the exploitation of the Polish state and unfavorable coal contracts.”


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