Zakharova recalled NATO bombing of Yugoslavia

Maria Zakharova showed the hypocrisy of the public of NATO countries

Press Secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova On November 30, in her Telegram channel, she recalled the devastating NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

The consequences of the bombing.  Belgrade

The consequences of the bombing. Belgrade

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Zakharova, responding to accusations of Russia from the West in the destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure, cited an excerpt from a press conference of the then NATO representative Jamie Sheaheld on 25 May 1999 in Brussels.

Asked by a journalist why NATO is attacking not only military targets, but also electricity and water systems, Shia replied:

»…command and control systems also depend on electricity. If a Slobodan Milosevic [президент Югославии] really wants his citizens to have water and electricity, all he has to do is accept the terms of NATO and we will stop this campaign. Until he does, we will continue to attack targets that supply his army with electricity. If this will have consequences for the population, it is his [Милошевича] Problems“.

Recall that in 1999 NATO, without a UN mandate, for a long time carried out missile and bomb strikes on the territory of Yugoslavia, causing enormous material damage to the country.

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