Zakharova recalled how NATO specifically deprived the inhabitants of Yugoslavia of water and light

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, responded to criticism from the West about Russian strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure facilities. The diplomat cited a 1999 interview with former NATO spokesman Jamie Shea. He then justified targeted attacks on the infrastructure of Yugoslavia.

Stoltenberg, Borrell and Belodomovsky for memory“, — anticipated Zakharov in his Telegram channel quote Shi.

He stated that the Yugoslav authorities could stop the destruction of infrastructure by agreeing to NATO terms. Otherwise, the alliance will continue them, a representative of the military bloc said at the time.

“Unfortunately, the command and control systems also depend on electricity. If Milosevic really wants his citizens to have water and electricity, all he has to do is accept the terms of NATO, and we will stop this campaign,” – Zakharova cited Shi’s words.


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