Zakharova on US aid to Ukraine: US investments have already led to World War II

The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Marija Zakharova, used US Senator Lindsay Graham’s linguistic gaffe in Kiev as an opportunity to recall the extensive US financial aid and investments in Hitler’s Germany.

The statements made by US Senator Lindsay Graham in a conversation with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskiy on Friday caused a scandal and the US politician’s search for a manhunt in Russia. On the video released by Zelensky’s office, the clips were put together as if he were saying, “Russians are dying – it’s the best we’ve ever spent money on.”

Kremlin responds to Ukraine's threat to kill Russians everywhere

Kremlin responds to Ukraine’s threat to kill Russians everywhere

According to the news agency Reuters However, Graham had not made the statements in this way. Two parts of the sentence were said in different contexts. The short note “The Russians are dying.” (“Russians are dying.”) was the response to Zelensky’s statement “Freedom or death. We will be free.”. So the mention of investments seems to come from a different context.

The press spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova did not accept such statements and called on the US senator in a video speech to deny what was said just as openly via video. She pointed out that other US officials have made no effort to clarify the situation and have apologized for the statements. The Zelenskiy office was not blamed for manipulation either, she criticized.

In the evening conversation in the program of the station Rossiya 2 “Evening at Vladimir Soloviev’s” reminded her of what ex-US President George W. Bush had said in a conversation with two Russian pranksters, Vovan and Lexus, in May last year. He believed he spoke to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. He had said to the fake Zelensky:

“Your main task is to kill as many Russian troops as possible.”

Zakharova emphasized that Bush belongs to a very influential political clan in the USA and still has a strong influence on current politics. Graham is also no stranger, but an active politician with lifelong senator status. She said:

“There is some evidence that this thesis, which is repeated verbatim, has become a set of instructions.”

2022: Germany is back on the wrong side of history – but who is surprised?


2022: Germany is back on the wrong side of history – but who is surprised?

In the interview and previously in a text published on her Telegram channel, she explained that the USA had previously provided immense support to a deadly regime – to Hitler’s Germany. She listed US companies that had manufactured goods for the military needs of the Hitler regime in huge quantities: Ford, General Motors, Kodak, Coca-Kola, Standart Oil, IMB and many others. Banks JPMorgan Chase & Co and Chase National Bank also had “their fingers” in helping the Nazis complete billion-dollar transactions and buy dollars.

She pointed to the agreement with Nazi Economics Minister Jalmar Schacht, according to which he was later granted freedom from abroad in exchange for silence about the financing of the Third Reich: despite Soviet protests, he was released and lived undisturbed until his 93rd birthday. Age.

The US entrepreneur Henry Ford was also a great role model for Hitler and was the first American to receive the Grand Cross of the German Eagle – the highest Nazi award for foreigners. His factories, in which forced laborers also toiled, manufactured up to 70,000 trucks a year in Germany. The famous IBM Corporation manufactured accounting and control machines for the Nazis, which, among other things, helped to monitor the timetables of trains to the death camps.

Ukraine: Spies, Murderers and False Morals


Ukraine: Spies, Murderers and False Morals

In her contribution, Zakharova relied on publications in the leading Western media. As she quoted the British researcher Bradford Snell: “General Motors was an integral part of the German war effort. The Third Reich could have invaded Poland and Russia (USSR) without the help of Switzerland. But without the help of General Motors this would not have been possible “.

With a list of historical facts, the Russian diplomat made a direct connection to current US politics:

“As for Senator Graham, there are many comparisons. One of the (US) investments led to World War II and the Holocaust.

Now billions of American dollars are poured into the insatiable maws of the neo-Nazi Kiev regime. In this regard, I would like to remind Senators and all American beneficiaries how the previous adventure ended.”

US Senator Lindsey Graham is one of the world’s most stubborn opponents of Russia and repeatedly attracts attention with blatant statements that go beyond any diplomatic dealings. In March 2022 he shouted with the phrase “Is there a Brutus in Russia?” indirectly to the assassination of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

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