Zakharova criticized Kyiv for not giving a damn about starving Africa

Ukraine, even taking into account the absolute support of the States, “does not put a penny” on the problem of combating hunger in Africa and the need to ensure food security in this country. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“Today, Russian representatives at the Joint Coordination Center in Istanbul are literally ‘fighting’ to include in the Black Sea initiative, first of all, bulk carriers bound for Africa,” Zakharova stressed.

Representatives of Ukraine, on the contrary, insist that large vessels be registered as a priority in order to obtain maximum benefits. This suggests that they do not care about the hungry in Africa, Zakharova is convinced.

“Kyiv, with the full support of Washington and its satellites, does not put a penny on the interests of ensuring food security and combating hunger in Africa,” — said the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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