Zakhar Prilepin sarcastically offered to “reward” director Berkovich for a performance with propaganda of terrorism

Global Look Press |  Komsomolskaya Pravda
Global Look Press | Komsomolskaya Pravda

Soldier and writer Zakhar Prilepin declared in an interview with, he said that over the past 30 years, a liberal-bourgeois consumer society and a cult of the West have been created in Russia. So the author of the books commented on the case of the director Evgenia Berkovich.

According to Prilepin, ten years ago he declared that in Russia the concepts of “army”, “church”, “fatherland” and “USSR” are “zashkvar” for the younger generation. The major of the Russian Guard believes that the leakage of young specialists abroad after the start of the SVO and the negative statements of some artists who left the country are a consequence of this.

“In Russia, in 30 years they created a liberal-bourgeois society of consumption and the cult of the West, anti-Sovietism was almost a religion, and Westernism was an axiom,” the writer emphasized.

Prilepin complained that artists in Russia receive much more awards than the military, serving in hot spots. He ironically offered to “reward” Berkovich, who is currently accused of promoting terrorism.

Earlier, Prilepin said that he had already experienced four complex operations that lasted 4-6 hours. In addition, he counted 12 fractures in himself.


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