Zagitova and Lipnitskaya do not have to return to professional sports

Russian figure skating coach Alexander Zhulin said that if professional figure skaters participate in well-paid television projects, then this is “not a crime.” However, he admitted that he sees no reason for Alina Zagitova, Anna Shcherbakova, Yulia Lipnitskaya and Adelina Sotnikova to return to the world of big sport.

“I’ll say a seditious thing – I don’t see any reason to return either to Alina Zagitova, or Anna Shcherbakova, or Yulia Lipnitskaya, or Adeline Sotnikova. The girls have already won everything”– leads site Zhulin’s words.

In his opinion, Russian tournaments cannot yet be an incentive at the level of the Olympics, World and European Championships. Zhulin added that in most sports, after a professional career, an athlete is left with nothing. At best, he becomes a coach, at worst he is forced to change his qualifications.


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