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Rostec announced the blocking of its YouTube account. The channel itself remains available, as well as the videos posted on it. Video hosting explained the decision with sanctions.

“Today, Google notified the blocking of the Rostec YouTube channel due to sanctions … We were preparing for such a turn of events and managed to transfer all the videos – there are many of them, more than 230 – to the Russian site. From today, watch us on Rutube,” Rostec said in a statement (quoted from “Interfax”).

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The state corporation considers the blocking “a clear example of what Western democracy really is.” “This is not democracy, but its imitation, where bans are imposed, freedom of opinion is stifled and mouths are shut. There is no force and truth in these actions,” the press service said in a statement.

More than 44,000 users have subscribed to the Rostec channel. The state corporation notes that its videos had hundreds of thousands of views a year. At the end of June, US sanctions were imposed against Rostec.

Leonid Uvarchev


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