“You’ll lose muscle, not fat.” Endocrinologist explained the dangers of a watermelon diet


    Endocrinologist Pavlova: because of the watermelon diet, you can lose muscle, not fat

    Watermelon lovers who are trying to lose weight by eating only this berry should be aware of the dangers that such a diet carries. This was warned by an endocrinologist, candidate of medical sciences Zukhra Pavlova.

    The expert noted that the conventional wisdom that watermelon can satisfy hunger, because it is rich in fiber, is actually a myth. According to the doctor, plant fibers are not enough for full saturation, wrote newspaper “Izvestia”.

    “I’m sure you know that no matter how much watermelon you eat, after a short time it starts to suck in the stomach. For one simple reason: you ate inadequately. Our saturation is a rather complicated mechanism,” Pavlova explained.

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    The specialist recalled that for normal saturation, you need not just fill your stomach, but eat food that contains a complete set of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the correct proportion. Otherwise, hunger will return very soon.

    Pavlova recommended eating watermelons after the main meal. If you eat only this berry, you can start to lose muscle mass, not fat.

    “You will lose valuable muscle. And muscles, as I have said many times, are our youth. And the most important organ in the human body – the heart – is also a muscle. There is no need to weaken it, ”concluded the doctor.

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