YouGov analysts named the most popular members of the British royal family |  United Kingdom Government/Public Domain | United Kingdom Government/Public Domain

YouGov conducted a survey among residents of the UK. Citizens of the United Kingdom named the most popular members of the royal family.

The study was conducted from 18 to 20 March 2023. About 2 thousand people took part in it. The authors of the survey asked how they feel about members of the royal family. Options ranged from “very positive” to “very negative”.

Topped the list Prince William. His rating was 72%. So many people expressed a positive attitude towards the prince. A negative attitude refers to the heir negatively.

Second place went to his wife Kate Middleton. She received positive feedback from 70% of the respondents. 15% spoke negatively about her, the newspaper reports.Gazeta.RU“.

Previously, Prince William’s ratings fell after the release of his brother’s book called Spare. Based on a January survey, less than 70% of UK residents approved of the prince.

It is worth noting that earlier the couple visited Poland. Before meeting the President Andrzej Dudathey went on a visit to the British soldiers in Rzeszow.


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