You won’t be able to help smiling when you look at these adorable fat animals.


A gamer and AI enthusiast from California, USA, a few months ago began to master the Midjourney neural network, which is designed to generate photorealistic images.

After dozens of hours spent in the service, the guy has accumulated a collection that will not leave anyone indifferent. Why? The genius decided to use the weapon of mass tenderness and create plump animals. Just look at the sheep above! The next one is even cuter.

The neural network works like this: after writing a query in English, Midjourney recognizes the task and starts generating a specific image for the user. And sometimes you get real masterpieces.

But don’t think it’s all that easy. A query like “create a picture of a fat cat” will not lead to any good results. Technologies have reached the point that today you need to learn even in order to correctly write the so-called prompts – queries for the neural network. After all, one wrong word – and instead of a cute fat man from the screen, a monster will look at you.

The quality of the resulting image is also affected by the development of the neural network. A year ago, even simple queries caused problems for Midjourney, but now photorealistic images are not a problem.

Dan shared his progress with the network on Twitter. Telling that such a llama, as in the picture above, would not have happened a year ago!

But the benefit of technology does not stand still – and now the whole world can enjoy charming puffies.

Surprisingly, the collection with thick fluffies blew up the Internet only in the Russian-speaking segment. Dozens of our publics have shared Dan’s work.

This is not the first neuroproject we write about. A few weeks ago, a Russian-speaking guy showed how the characters of the Friends series would look like in the USSR. This is a must see too!

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