You can live and not think about down jackets. When Moscow and the region will get out of the collapse of the cold

Forecaster Shuvalov said that by the end of the week in Moscow it will become much warmer

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The weather made a complete mess: the inhabitants of the European part of Russia are freezing, in Western Siberia they are languishing from the heat, and the South is flooded with rain. Forecaster and meteorologist Alexander Shuvalov, in an interview with 360, told what the Russians should prepare for and what to expect from nature next.

“We should expect a gradual warming in the middle zone of European Russia, it will not be fast, but will come step by step. Already on Monday-Tuesday it will be +17…+19 degrees, starting from Wednesday – +21…+23 degrees. This, of course, still does not reach the climatic norm, but it is already much more pleasant, ”the meteorologist shared.

In Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Barnaul, Krasnoyarsk, extreme heat with record temperatures will continue for the time being. It will be +35…+37 degrees in Novosibirsk all week. And this is in the shade, in the sun is much more intolerable, the expert said. Such a high temperature is the maximum in summer for the region.

“Of course, we need to wait, but a fire hazard situation is brewing in all forests,” he said.

Dry heat versus rain

In the Sverdlovsk region, according to the weatherman, the period of dry hot weather is ending. Today, June 4, is the last day with 30-degree heat.

“A gradual decrease in temperature will begin, without heavy precipitation, and at the end of the week good rains may begin, which will greatly help the fire department, the temperature will drop to +15 … +20 degrees,” Shuvalov said.

In Tyumen, the temperature drop will begin on June 7. In Omsk – from June 7 or 8. Moreover, it must be borne in mind: due to a sharp change in weather, thunderstorms, hail, and squally winds are possible. In the South, where there are volley showers. Due to the high rainfall, the streets are flooded there. According to the forecast, the weather will continue to be unsettled on Monday.

“Starting from Tuesday, the weather will start to improve. Kuban and Stavropol will remain in a cloudy field and without precipitation for three to four days. The temperature will rise to +24…+29 degrees,” the speaker added.

Fur coats down!

Muscovites on June 4 and 5 predicted night and morning frosts – the weather is extremely unpleasant. According to Shuvalov, cooling will reach +1…+6 degrees in the region and +5…+7 degrees in Moscow.

“As for daytime temperatures, I repeat once again, the middle band is slowly getting out of the collapse of the cold. On Monday-Tuesday – +17…+19 degrees, that is, 2-3 degrees of heat will be added every day. There may still be rain on Tuesday, but weak, ”the meteorologist said.

On Wednesday, the capital will warm up to +21 degrees Celsius, and by the end of the week the thermometers will rise to +23 degrees.

“It is quite possible to live and not think about down jackets,” the interlocutor of the publication concluded.

Earlier, forecasters said that in the capital there was a reverse temperature change – this is a rare meteorological phenomenon.


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