The Yogi government of UP has given permission to organize marriage ceremonies and other events in open spaces. The order states that the number of people attending the ceremony will depend on the region. Along with this, the Kovid (COVID) protocol should be strictly followed. Masks and two yards distance should be taken care of. It is mandatory to set up a help desk at the entrance.

Let us tell you that in the testing of 01 lakh 69 thousand 500 samples done in 24 hours in UP, not a single new case of infection was found in 71 districts. 07 new infected patients were found in only 04 districts. In the same period, 06 patients were discharged after getting healthy. At present, the number of active Kovid cases in the state has come down to 176. 16 lakh 86 thousand 712 people of the state have become healthy after getting free from corona infection. It is time to exercise caution and caution. A little carelessness can become a factor in increasing the infection. In such a situation, ensure the Kovid test of people coming to Uttar Pradesh from other states. The process of vaccination is going on fast in the state to protect against Kovid. More than 55 percent of people have received the first dose of the vaccine. A special drive is needed to apply the second dose.

As the festivals of Navratri, Dussehra and Deepawali are near, preparations for Ramlila committees are starting. The cultural-religious sentiments of the people should be fully respected. Communicating with the committees and motivating them to follow the corona protocol. Ramlila should be organized in open ground. The spectators should be allowed to participate according to the capacity of the ground.

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