yogi adityanath government will have to answer for Mahant Narendra Giri death, says shiv sena leader Sanjay Raut


    The mystery of the death of Mahant Narendra Giri, president of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad, is yet to be solved. Meanwhile, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has said that the Uttar Pradesh government will have to answer in the matter of Mahant’s death. Sanjay Raut said that the person who used to guide everyone cannot do this. During a conversation with news agency ANI, Sanjay Raut said that it seems that the president of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad knew some secrets. His suicide looks suspicious. As a human being who guides others, he cannot do such things.

    Sanjay Raut said, ‘This incident is very sad for the Hindu society. Mahant Narendra Giri had a good relationship with Shiv Sena. He led many times at the time of the movement of Hindus. In this case, if any attempt is being made to hide anything, it should be thoroughly investigated. Referring to the incident of the death of two sadhus in Palghar, the Shiv Sena leader said that it was a very sad incident and at that time many questions were raised from the side of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Today the Uttar Pradesh government will have to answer the questions. After the death of Mahant, now the UP government will have to answer the questions arising from Delhi and Maharashtra.

    He said that Mahant Narendra Giri, the president of Akhara Parishad, had died under mysterious circumstances at Baghambari Math on Monday evening. A suicide note was also recovered after his death. The suicide note contained the names of his disciple Anand Giri and two others. After which a case has been registered against Anand Giri under Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code. Amar Giri Pawan Maharaj has filed a complaint against Anand Giri. However, Anand Giri has called it a conspiracy.

    Anand Giri said, ‘This is a big conspiracy of those who used to take money from Guruji and they wrote my name in this letter. It should be investigated because Guruji has not written any letter in his life and he cannot commit suicide. His handwriting should be checked. After the death of Mahant, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has paid tribute to him. He has assured that there will be a fair investigation in this case and the accused will not be spared.



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