YNAO proposes to prepare first-graders in 10 days

Solemn line at school No. 106. Yekaterinburg, first grade, children, September 1, school, flowers

In Novy Urengoy (YaNAO) they offer a service to prepare children for the first grade in 10 days. This was told by representatives of the children’s club “Pythagorka”.

“Depending on the skills of the child, we have developed a unique program of 10 two-hour lessons to achieve results in the shortest possible time. For example, classes will help to master and consolidate reading skills, train attention, memory and concentration. Teachers pay special attention to preparing future first-graders for organization and perseverance, which will certainly facilitate the beginning of the school year for a newly-made first-grader, ”said the club director, Svetlana Kochetova.

Also, the children’s club added that in addition to first-graders, they also work with high school students. The center offers developmental classes for children from five to 16 years old using effective modern methods.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that the application company for enrolling children in the first grades of schools in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug will be held according to a new procedure. The deadlines for submitting documents and issuing an order for enrollment have been changed, the list of beneficiaries has expanded, and a certain time for submitting documents is assigned to each municipality.

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