Yekaterinburg residents were warned about queues in the metro due to the replacement of turnstiles

Metro station in 1905.  Yekaterinburg, transport, payment, turnstile, fare, turnstiles, metro, subway, station 1905

From December 11, at the Ploshchad 1905 Goda metro station in Yekaterinburg, old turnstiles will be replaced with new ones. Because of this, queues are possible, the metro press service reports in the telegram channel.

“In this regard, temporary closures of some of the existing turnstiles are possible, as well as a congestion of passengers in the ticket hall during peak hours. We apologize to you and hope for your understanding,” the message says.

The renovation of the turnstiles was announced by the mayor of Yekaterinburg, Alexey Orlov, in the summer. It is planned to install 100 new turnstiles at metro stations. They spent 302.6 million rubles on their purchase. The new turnstiles will help rid the metro of queues.


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