Yekaterinburg residents admitted that they are annoyed by the leaders

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The majority of working residents of Yekaterinburg – 68% – admitted that they are annoyed by the leaders. Most of all, the bosses do not like the temper, expressed by aggression and screaming. This was reported to URA.RU in the company SuperJob, which conducted the study.

“Only every third Yekaterinburger is not annoyed by anything in his leader (32%). The most irritating habit of the bosses is irascibility, especially expressed by aggression and shouting – it was named by 12% of employees. Moreover, women more often than men are intolerant of irascibility and aggression on the part of the leader. 5% of respondents are annoyed by the incompetence of management, ”the survey results say.

Another 4% admitted that they do not like it when bosses procrastinate, lie, do not listen to the opinion of subordinates and devalue their work, and also do not observe discipline. Among other annoying habits of the authorities, the respondents named incivility, arrogance and indifference, calls after the end of the working day, abuse, favoritism, greed, abuse of authority, ignoring messages.


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