Yekaterinburg resident, who was strangled on the road, revealed the details of the fight. Video

    Moscow International Motor Show (MIAS-2016).  Moscow, Hyundai

    The driver of the Gazelle, Kirill, whom the owner of the foreign car strangled right on the road (the intersection of Blucher and Komsomolskaya), said that the reason for the conflict was the opponent’s idea that they wanted to cut him. According to the man, he contacted the police in connection with the threat of murder.

    “To him [водителю Hyundai] I didn’t like that I rebuilt in front of him, although he was far away, the portal quotes the Yekaterinburger. – In fact, there the car turned left, it finished the maneuver. I saw that it was empty, and turned around, changed lanes. And it seemed to him that I somehow cut him off, although I was driving far away. <...> It turned out that I ran away from him for a long time, he rushed at me. As a result, I slipped, fell, he began to choke me, shouting: “I’ll kill you.” As a result, the young man approached, pulled back [его]I ran to the car and drove off.

    At the end of the fight, the Hyundai driver pursued Cyril’s Gazelle for a long time. To break away, I had to make a maneuver, he added.

    However, on the afternoon of August 5, URA.RU was told by the police that no one contacted the authorities: “The police received reports of an accident at this site. The participants in the conflict did not apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with statements about causing bodily harm. Victims can file a complaint with the nearest police station.”

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