Yekaterinburg authorities fight for millions for road repairs

Orlov.  Yekaterinburg, Alexey Orlov, Alexey Bubnov, tram

An apparatus battle unfolded around the vacated post of director of the Municipal Public Institution “City Improvement” – the main operator of road repairs in Yekaterinburg. According to URA.RU, the relevant vice-mayor Alexei Bubnov wants to retain control over an institution that manages hundreds of millions of rubles. But his candidate found an alternative.

The fact that the director of the MKU Pavel Azanov, who worked for exactly a year, quit, URA.RU reported on the afternoon of August 11. Then the source of the agency put forward the version that this decision is voluntary and related to family circumstances. However, later another interlocutor in power noted that the personnel reshuffle was preceded by audits by the Accounts Chamber, which revealed violations in the work of the City Improvement.

“In place of the retired Azanov, Bubnov is promoting his man. But [мэру Алексею] Orlov was offered to consider a candidate who had nothing to do with Bubnov. Orlov will announce the winner in the near future, ”the source, observing the intrigue, shared without naming names. At the same time, Bubnov himself, in a conversation with URA.RU, said that there was supposedly only one candidate. “I won’t name my last name until the official publication,” he said.

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