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    Zelensky dismissed Dmitry Butriy from the duties of the chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration.

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    President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky appointed Yaroslav Yanushevich as chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration.

    This is stated in the relevant presidential decree No. 553/2022, posted on website heads of state.

    To others decreeNo. 552/2022, Zelensky dismissed Dmytro Butriy from the temporary duties of chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration.

    The decrees are dated 4 August.

    As noted in a post on website Head of State, during a meeting at the Presidential Office, Zelensky handed Yanushevich an official certificate and expressed confidence that his experience and professionalism would be useful in fulfilling the tasks assigned to him as the head of an important region.

    The President also stressed that the Kherson region will certainly be freed from Russian invaders, and collaborators will be held accountable.

    Yaroslav Yanushevich: what is known about him

    Yaroslav Yanushevich was born in 1978 in Kyiv. In 2000 he graduated from the Kyiv National University. T. Shevchenko (specialty “finance”), in 2009 – Odessa National University. I. I. Mechnikov (specialty “jurisprudence”) and the National Academy of Public Administration under the President (“management of social development”). Doctor of Law.

    Since 1996, he has worked in various positions in the State Tax Inspectorate of Kyiv, since 2001 – in the State Tax Administration of Ukraine. In 2006-2007 was the vice chairman of the GNAU. From 2011 to 2013 – Deputy Chairman of the State Migration Service. In 2013, he served as General Director of Document State Enterprise. In 2013-2014 – Deputy Chairman of the State Financial Inspectorate. From 2014 to 2016 – Executive Director of the Ukrainian State Center for Radio Frequencies.

    Since 2016 – Advisor to the General Director of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian State Center for Radio Frequencies”. Honored Economist of Ukraine. Full Commander of the Order of Merit.

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