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“Yandex.Practicum” reported a leak of user data


The educational service “Yandex.Practicum” has launched an internal investigation in connection with information about the leakage of users’ personal data.

“We are conducting an internal investigation and checking the relevance of the data. No payment data or user passwords have been compromised,” the company told Interfax.

According to Telegram channel “Information Leaks”, which is administered by the founder and CTO of DeviceLock DLP Ashot Oganesyan, 300 thousand lines of data from Yandex.Practicum clients turned out to be freely available.

The names and surnames of users, e-mail address (299,908 unique addresses), phone numbers (246,424 unique numbers), as well as Yandex ID numbers were made publicly available. According to the channel, the same source previously posted the databases of the GeekBrains educational portal and the Delivery Club delivery service.

More news in Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

Anastasia Larina



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