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Yandex introduced a neural network for generating and processing texts


The Russian company Yandex has published the YaLM 100B neural network, which allows generating and processing texts in Russian and English. The company claims that this is the largest GPT-like neural network in the public domain.

The YaLM 100B neural network allows you to generate texts of any kind (congratulations, poems, answers, etc.), as well as classify them, for example, according to the style of speech. Also, the neural network will help in developing an advertising campaign, creating a description of a video or product. With over 100 billion parameters, the YaLM 100B neural network is the largest available model in Russian.

The system is based on the laws of linguistics and ideas about the world, which determine the principle of constructing a text and allow generating new ones. During the training, YaLM 100B processed about 2 TB of texts from open sources in English and Russian.

Yandex already uses YaLM 100B in more than 20 projects, including the Alice voice assistant and search engine, as well as in response to requests, for generating ads, site descriptions and preparing quick responses. As Petr Popov, CEO of Yandex Technologies, said: “By making YaLM 100B available to the public, we expect that this will give impetus to the development of generative neural networks.”

More news in Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

Evgeny Fedunenko



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