Yana Poplavskaya ended up in the hospital after diet pills

    Anatoly Lomokhov/Global Look Press
    Anatoly Lomokhov/Global Look Press

    Theater and film actress Yana Poplavskaya has always sought to lose extra pounds, and after giving birth she became addicted to diet pills. The medicine, which was supposed to help, almost brought the artist to her deathbed.

    Poplavskaya gained weight after the second birth. The actress tried many different methods, but nothing helped, and then she ordered herself a new drug. Already after the first course of pills, Poplavskaya’s health deteriorated significantly, which led to her hospitalization.

    “It was hard for me, my hands were shaking. At night I realized that I could not go to the toilet. At that moment, my husband called the doctor to me. She saw me, measured the pressure and decided to call an ambulance, ”she said on the air of the talk show“ Let them talk ”.

    Poplavskaya did not want people to know the true reason for the deterioration of her well-being. Nevertheless, a few droppers and the care of relatives and friends helped the actress to recover again.

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