Yamal farmer is going to breed a rare breed of horses near the Ob

prt scr youtube.com / Yamal Media
prt scr youtube.com / Yamal Media

The agricultural producer became the winner of the Agrostartup 2022 grant and directed the money for the development of the enterprise. What is his project, told in “Yamal-Media”.

Pavel Andreev, a farmer from Pelvozh, dreamed of preserving the rare Ob horse breed in Yamal. The agrarian has already spent about 4.5 million rubles on the implementation of his project. These funds were enough to cover 90% of the amount of the project, added the press service of the governor of the region.

The farmer purchased the equipment that is required for forage harvesting. He plans to purchase horses in the near future from breeders from the Shuryshkar region. In addition, Pavel plans to develop agricultural tourism. In August, he will launch tours of the facility. Guests will enjoy master classes, fishing and hiking in the forest.

In early August, a walking horse route was opened on the territory of Salekhard. Guests are invited to ride from the stables outside the city to the Minley camp. Each tour group consists of up to nine people.


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