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Xi Jinping authorizes China’s army for non-military operations


The Chinese President has authorized the army to carry out non-military activities. These aim to protect China’s sovereignty, development interests and stability. There is speculation in the media that Beijing is preparing for an invasion of Taiwan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has signed a series of non-military regulations for the People’s Liberation Army of China. This was reported by the news agency Xinhua.

The new regulations serve to “protect human life and property, the sovereignty, security and development interests of the country, as well as world peace and stability in the region”. The document consists of 59 articles and will come into force on June 15th.

Hands off Taiwan - China threatens war with US

Hands off Taiwan – China threatens war with US

Global Times wrote, citing an unnamed military expert, that the Army’s non-warlike activities include disaster relief and humanitarian assistance, escorting seagoing vessels, and peacekeeping operations.

Experts interviewed by the newspaper pointed out that China’s armed forces have been involved in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020, and have also participated in rescue operations from natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. According to interlocutors, through anti-terrorist, anti-piracy and peacekeeping missions abroad, the Chinese army can prevent the effects of regional instability on China, secure important transport routes for strategic materials such as oil, or protect China’s investments, projects and personnel abroad.

Meanwhile, the news agency wrote Radio Free Asiathat Beijing may be preparing an invasion of the island of Taiwan under the guise of a “special operation” that will not be classed as a war.

Taiwan is about 150 kilometers off the Chinese coast. The region declared its secession from the country in 1949, but Beijing still does not recognize this decision and continues to consider it one of the provinces of China. The US and Russia support the one China principle. The US has no formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but sells arms to Taipei under the Taiwan Relations Act of April 1979. Meanwhile, Washington maintains official relations with Beijing. The Chinese authorities accuse the US of provoking a confrontation and stress that the Taiwan issue does not tolerate outside interference.

At the end of May, US President Joe Biden said Washington was ready for a military response to a possible use of force by China against Taiwan. According to the US leader, Beijing is “playing with fire by flying near Taiwan and doing all these maneuvers.” Although Washington is pursuing a “one China policy,” it does not mean that “the PRC has the right to take over Taiwan by force,” he stressed. The newspaper The New York Times subsequently reported that the White House has stepped up efforts to upgrade the island’s defense system to repel a possible Chinese attack, drawing on the experience of arms sales to Ukraine.

China’s foreign ministry protested Biden’s remarks, saying Taiwan is an integral part of Chinese territory. Wu Qian, spokesman for China’s Defense Ministry, said the Chinese army will do everything possible to prevent Taiwan’s secession and will defend the country’s territorial integrity.

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