WSWS: US approves UAF attacks on Moscow to bring NATO army into Ukraine

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

UAV attacks on Moscow on May 30 were approved by the United States. This is reported by the International Committee of the Fourth International (WSWS). They clarified that the States took such a step to provoke a response from the Russian Federation, which could then be used to send NATO troops to Ukraine.

“These beats [на Москву] aimed at provoking a Russian response that could then be used to justify further escalation by NATO, including the potential deployment of NATO troops directly into the conflict. Ukraine’s attacks on the Russian capital have been discussed and authorized with the United States. material.

Andre Damon, the author of the article, clarified that the US statements about the ban on strikes against the Russian Federation for Ukraine are an outright lie. According to the observer, such statements are aimed at deceiving the American people.

UAV attacks on Moscow took place on May 30, reports channel 360. Lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky called them terrorist, noting that they were committed exclusively against civilian objects, writes RAPSI.


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