WSJ: US continues to export any modern technology to China

Despite growing tensions in relations, the US continues to supply China with virtually everything it asks for. Moreover, as reported The Wall Street Journalalmost all exported goods and technologies go to China without additional checks by the Ministry of Commerce.

According to the data of the ministry, in 2020 the volume of American exports to China reached $125 billion. The US authorities requested additional permission for only 0.5% of this volume of goods. And in 94% of cases, the ministry eventually gave the go-ahead for the export of goods to China.

As the newspaper notes, as a result, “the United States continues to send to China many semiconductors, aerospace components, artificial intelligence technologies and other goods that can be used to further Beijing’s military interests.”

The publication notes that in the US presidential administration itself there is no consensus on how to build trade relations with China. Moreover, “the process of export control, long a niche topic, is now at the center of the debate about how much the US should continue to trade with its most powerful adversary,” the publication writes, citing statements by dozens of current and former US officials.

Kirill Sarkhanyants


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