WSJ: Abrams tanks are useless against Russian defense

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Abrams tanks will not help the Ukrainian Armed Forces significantly change the course of the conflict after four months of offensive, since Russian minefields are a serious obstacle to tracked vehicles. The Wall Street Journal writes about this.

“After four months of offensive, Abrams are unlikely to be able to significantly change the course of the conflict, since Russian minefields have proven to be serious obstacles for tracked vehicles,” it says in the newspaper material. They added that the approach of autumn rains also makes its own adjustments. The ground is becoming muddy, making it even more difficult for armored vehicles to maneuver across the fields.

In addition, Western armored vehicles, such as German Leopard II tanks and American armored personnel carriers, are often prime targets for the Russian Armed Forces. The drones detect armored vehicles, report their location to artillery units and helicopters, which then attack them. The heavily armored vehicles are mainly used to transport soldiers but do not play a significant role in combat operations, the newspaper concluded.

The first batch of Abrams tanks has already been delivered to Ukraine, but there is a version that the Russian military will easily destroy them with air strikes. The Pentagon also approved a new $175 million aid package for Ukraine, including depleted uranium shells for American tanks, reports “Reedus

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