Writer Jan Taksyur called loyalty to Christ the main reason for Kyiv’s persecution of the UOC

prt scr smotrim.ru |  Life and destiny
prt scr smotrim.ru | Life and destiny

Allegiance to Christ, which all the monarchs of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church adhere to, “does not accept LGBT propaganda, worship of the West and Russophobia.” That is why Kyiv insists on abandoning the UOC. This opinion was expressed by the writer and TV presenter Jan Taxiur.

On the air of the program “Life and Fate” with Boris Korchevnikov author notedthat Orthodoxy is “the final chord in the so-called struggle with the Russian world”, since it is the most dangerous for Kyiv.

Moreover, Taksyur emphasized that in fact he was arrested for “the whole truth” that he had been revealing for five years: “about the fake tomos and the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.” He added that the poems were just a pretext for detention.

Earlier, the writer commented on the decision of the Ukrainian authorities to abandon the Russian Orthodox Church. In his opinion, Kyiv perceives the ROC as a hostile structure that interferes with it.


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