WP: the Andromeda yacht could have been used to divert attention from the perpetrators of the sabotage on the Nord Streams

The German side, during the investigation of explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines, drew attention to the rented Andromeda yacht, which was suspected of being involved in sabotage. However, after several months of investigation in Germany, it was suspected that she was probably not the only vessel used to carry out the attack. This is reported The Washington Post (WP) citing officials with knowledge of the German Attorney General’s investigation, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Law enforcement is now speculating that the yacht may have been a decoy to divert attention from the true culprits who remain at large, WP reports, citing sources.

A German investigation found that traces of “military-grade” explosives found on a table in the Andromeda’s cabin matched the batch used on the pipeline. However, several officials doubted that experienced saboteurs would have left behind such obvious evidence of guilt. The question arose whether traces of explosives, discovered months after the rented yacht was returned to the owners, were intended to cast suspicion on the Andromeda.

“The question is whether the yacht story is something of a distraction or is it just part of the picture,” said one person familiar with the investigation.

US and European officials say they still don’t know exactly who was behind the underwater attack. But several people said they shared the German skepticism that a crew of six on one yacht had planted hundreds of pounds of explosives that disabled gas pipelines.

According to German media, the Bavaria Cruiser 50 Andromeda yacht could be used to deliver explosives to the site of the Nord Stream explosion.

On September 26, 2022, Denmark detected a significant gas leak in Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2. Sweden said explosions were the cause of the accident. The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation regarded the sabotage as “an act of international terrorism.” No one has yet taken responsibility for the attack.

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