Long game: China is ready to confront the United States

Smart people back in the last century said that the world would soon be completely different, non-Western - apparently Asian. But only now a full consensus has been formed in Washington on...
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Beijing to retaliate against US sanctions against Russia that harm China

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that the Chinese authorities intend to take action in response to anti-Russian sanctions that harm China. It is reported by TASS. “I...
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Video of mockery of Russian prisoners of war shocked the Chinese

Users of the Weibo social network were outraged by the video of abuse of Russian prisoners. A video of the abuse of prisoners of war in Ukraine caused a...

Bitcoin latest price: China’s threat threatens bitcoin, ether also falls by 8 percent

The prices of most cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are seeing a fall on Friday. China's central bank has threatened to crackdown on cryptocurrency trading and bans foreign exchanges serving domestic investors. This caused...
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Cryptocurrency fell on China’s warning

All major cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, crashed on Friday following a warning from China's central bank. The People's Bank of China, China's central bank, has said that all digital currency activities are illegal...
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Biden and Xi Jinping discuss US-China relations by phone

Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke by phone with US President Joe Biden. This was reported by China Central Television and Xinhua News Agency. During these talks, Xi Jinping said...

Media: gas tank explosion in China killed eight people, injured five

Eight people were killed, another five were injured in an explosion of a leaking gas tank in the northeastern Chinese province of Liaoning, according to the local TV channel CGTN.
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Chinese Foreign Minister protested over US report on COVID-19 origins

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the US should stop politicizing the origin of the coronavirus. He announced this in a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, reports TASS.

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