Women with these names will be betrayed by their own children.


    As unfortunate as it may be, children betray their parents more often than we would like. And the mother suffers the most from this. Someone was disliked in childhood, someone was spoiled by guardianship, indulging every whim. Karma is such that mothers with the following names are more in danger of being betrayed by their own children.

    Despite the fact that this female name translates as “clean” and “bright”, Albina’s character is not easy and far from soft. Yes, a woman cannot be called a tyrannical mother, however, as well as a parent of the year, too. Albina is often too much immersed in fantasies of future career achievements for which she is ready to work day and night. Because of this, over time, it begins to spend less and less time with the child or completely excludes it from the priorities of life. It is highly likely that the child, having matured, will want to avenge himself and betray his mother at the most unexpected moment for Albina.

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    The bearer of this rare, beautiful name is usually endowed with such traits as increased exactingness and severity. From a child Vasilina wants to raise a “standard” and “role model”. The methods for achieving the goal of the mother with this name are not always too strict, but the desire of the parent to make him someone impossibly perfect will, of course, be reflected in the child. Most likely, Vasilina’s child will hold a grudge against her mother, so for many years she will wait for the right moment and strike with betrayal when she is hurt the most.

    The owner of the female name Angelina also falls into the risk zone of being betrayed by her beloved child or even more than one. The mother’s karma with this name is rather sad: in the future, a family split may occur that will separate Angelina from the children. Their choice will be unacceptable for a woman, but it will be impossible to convince the children. Gel will perceive such dissent of children as a personal betrayal. And forgive Angelina she will never be able to do this, because it is not in her nature to hang out with those who renounce their family.

    Nellie’s story will teach that to indulge every whim of a child is not a good idea. The spoiled heir will easily betray his own mother in the future, believing that Nelly deliberately changed her attitude towards him. The sincere love of a woman for a child and the desire to make him the happiest can play a cruel joke with the bearer of this name. It is unlikely that such a betrayal of a loved one will not have a strong effect. Nellie can withdraw into herself and lose faith in all people, experiencing the grief that remains in her until the end of her life.

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