With his statement in Brussels, Zelensky “saved” the reputation of the head of the SIS of Moldova

The Information and Security Service (ISS) of Moldova hastened to confirm that the Ukrainian intelligence services provided them with information about Russia’s alleged attempts to destabilize the situation in the republic. The statement came against the backdrop of a story made in Brussels today, February 9, by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that he had warned his counterpart Maia Sandu about “Russia’s plan to destroy the political situation in Moldova.”

“The SIS is carrying out operational activities to identify attempts to destabilize the situation in the country, and is closely cooperating with the intelligence services of our partners. In this context, the SIS confirms that, both on the basis of information provided by our Ukrainian partners and as a result of the operational work of the service, they revealed sabotage activities aimed at undermining the state of Moldova, destabilizing and disturbing public order,” – said the SIS, noting that they could not provide details due to the threat of disruption of operational activities.

The leadership of the Information and Security Service assured the citizens of Moldova that “all state bodies are working at full capacity and will not allow such provocations.”

Recall that in December 2022, the director of the SIS Alexander Mustiata said that, according to his data, Russia’s invasion of Moldova is a settled issue, it will take place either in January-February 2023, or later – in March, April. This caused such a panic in the Moldovan society that even Chisinau’s partners in Bucharest were forced to reassure their neighbors, convincing them that they did not have information about the threat to the security of the Republic of Moldova. Later, the SIS press service justified its leader by explaining that he had been misunderstood.

The political class of Moldova also reacted to these events. Thus, public figures close to power and representatives of the ruling Action and Solidarity party agreed that Musteata was disoriented by “right-wingers who were densely seated in his department.”

Against this background, local political experts noted the incompetence of the head of the Moldovan secret service, recalling a scene from a film about Baron Munchausen about declaring war on England, to which she (England) did not appear.

“We have a version that explains this whole spy combination: Musteată is just a balabol, and this is the most suitable alias for this securist (Securitate is translated from Romanian as “security”) undercover pseudonym – Balabol”, — wrote the publicist Dmitry Chubashenko.

As reported EADaily the Russian Foreign Ministry called Alexander Mustiata’s statement nothing more than a desire to attract additional financial support from the West.

“The hope to get additional financial support from Western sponsors by throwing in another “horror story” did not materialize, but Alexander Musteata managed to draw attention to the Moldovan agenda, albeit with a bold minus sign,” – stated in the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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