Windows update slows down computers

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Forcing a Windows 10 upgrade slows down computers. This was reported by the Windows Latest edition with reference to user complaints on the forum.

The system update has caused increased computer boot time and a decrease in the number of frames per second displayed on the screen in games. “After installing the update, I had problems with loading and now I can only start Windows in safe mode,” one of the users of the operating system noted.

According to journalists, the problems are caused by the update KB4559309, which adds a new version of the Edge browser to the system. At the same time, the update is forced, that is, it is downloaded and installed automatically and does not require user participation. According to the publication, cases of system slowdown concern a limited number of OS users.

At the time of writing, Microsoft has not responded to the issue publicly. For owners of copies of Windows 10, faced with a slowdown in the system, the publication recommended that you perform an OS restore or reinstall Windows.

Update KB4559309, together with KB4541301 and KB4541302, is one of the latest operating system updates from Microsoft. Windows 7 users previously drew attention to an update that replaced Microsoft Explorer with Edge. At the same time, the OS released in 2009 is not supported by the manufacturer since January 2020.

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