Will the West turn down economic aid b. Ukrainian SSR?

Economist Masterov explained what the West is afraid of, not wanting to give up support for the Kyiv regime

Inflation that is difficult to control is currently the most serious challenge for Western countries, and especially for EU countries, and risks an extremely negative impact on both consumer demand and production and business activity. About this to the correspondent IA REGNUM November 28 Andrey Masterov. So he commented on the forecasts of Western analysts (in particular, experts from the Guardian) that the worse the economic situation of the West becomes, the more scarce its assistance to the Kyiv regime will become.

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“The West is really facing serious economic difficulties,” Masters agreed. — At the same time, the colder the winter is, the more the problem of energy shortages can worsen, the stronger its impact on inflation will be, and the more severe the consequences of inflationary pressure will be on both the manufacturing sector and the population and consumer demand. Hard-to-control inflation is currently the most serious challenge for Western countries, and especially for EU countries, and risks an extremely negative impact on both consumer demand and production and business activity.”

Under these conditions, as the economist explained, an increasing part of the population is forced to spend their income and savings on food and housing and communal services, while refusing a significant part of purchases and services. In addition, more and more businesses find themselves in a situation where they must either operate at a loss, not covering the ever-increasing costs of production and logistics, or raise prices to such a level that very few consumers can afford to purchase the relevant products or services.

“At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the West is not only European countries that may face more severe consequences of the energy crisis than, for example, the United States, — urged not to forget the Masters. — In addition, in the European countries themselves, the impact of the crisis may turn out to be heterogeneous – some states (Germany, Estonia, Lithuania) may suffer more, others (France, Spain) – to a lesser extent. Therefore, one can hardly expect that the impact of economic difficulties will be so significant that it will force Western countries to refuse assistance. [б. УССР]. Such a refusal seems likely only if this assistance does not have a corresponding geopolitical effect for Western countries.”

At the same time, he stressed that the anti-Russian sanctions did lead to a number of difficulties, including the loss of profits for a significant part of Western companies due to the loss of the Russian market and the corresponding logistical difficulties and costs.

“All this exacerbated existing problems and contradictions, seriously worsened the macroeconomic situation and extremely complicated the situation with inflation, as a result of which almost all sectors of the economy and the population of Western countries faced unprecedented inflationary pressure, Masterov said. — At the same time, the crisis caused by the situation on the territory of b. The Ukrainian SSR is of fundamental geopolitical significance, affecting the respective spheres of influence for the leading Western political and economic circles in different parts of the world. Not only geopolitical, but also economic consequences will depend on its results, including for large Western transnational corporations. Under these circumstances, refusal to help b. The Ukrainian SSR may also entail negative political and socio-economic consequences for the Western countries and their ruling circles, exacerbating the problems and contradictions that existed before this crisis.”

Therefore, according to Masterov, despite the corresponding economic and social costs, Western countries will continue to provide consolidated assistance to Kyiv.

Recall, as reported IA REGNUM, there is an expert opinion that European countries will soon face a choice: save their economy or spend money on aid b. Ukrainian SSR.


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