Will Ron DeSantis run for president? His new book has clues

With His new memoir “The Courage to Be Free,” Publication scheduled for Tuesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reflects on the many culture war skirmishes he’s engaged in over the past few years — including championing a Florida A law restricting discussions on sexual and gender identity to young schoolchildren has drawn the ire of Hollywood This led to a confrontation Disney.

DeSantis is expected enter the Republican His new book, which outlines the issues that he will likely base his campaign on, reveals his plans for the presidential primary in late 2014. In In addition to his excursions into ‘culture war’ DeSantis also seeks to strengthen his conservative credentials. He lays out his objections about government bureaucracy as well as pointing to his record. Congress.

A Freedom Caucus Founder

As One of the founders House Freedom Caucus In 2015DeSantis was a conservative colleague. Congressman Raul LabradorBYU graduate, now Idaho’s attorney general, and other GOP lawmakers who wanted to limit the size of the federal government. In DeSantis’ book, “The Caucus” explains that the caucus was the foundation for many former presidents. President Donald Trump’s policy accomplishments.

Although He says that House Freedom Caucus Was “not able to bend the DC swamp,” He claims it was identified “the shortcomings of the modern Republican establishment” This is the end result “paved the way” You can find out more about a Trump presidency.

DeSantis Mitt Romney’s 2012 Campaign

DeSantis also spoke out about why he believes so Utah Sen. Mitt Romney His observations differ from what he said when he claimed to have seen the presidency win in 2012. “GOP establishment” That election was canceled. Romney His presidential campaign was lost the year DeSantis was elected for the first time. Congress, and the Reelection of Former President Barack Obama Over Romney DeSantis appears to have reached an important turning point in his view of the rest members of his party.

Following Their candidate is defeated, and the “Republican intelligentsia,” DeSantis wrote that he believed the party should embrace “amnesty for illegal aliens” To win national elections.

“GOP insiders believed — wrongly — that Mitt Romney’s lackluster performance with Hispanic voters against Barack Obama during the 2012 election was because he was too tough on immigration,” He said.

DeSantis wrote that he believed the contrary to be true, but was difficult to convince Republican He must be heard by the leadership He He said he believed they were working towards a different goal. “corporate interests” By “facilitat(ing) more cheap labor.”

DeSantis Trump

On His relationship with TrumpDeSantis doesn’t hesitate to comment on their past working relationships. The two are the top contenders in recent 2024 GOP presidential primary Polls. While Trump His campaign was announced last NovemberDeSantis is not very open about the future race. Many Political observers believe he will announce his campaign within the next few months.

In DeSantis’s book, “The Book of DeSantis”, highlights what he shares in common with Trump, and he says he believes in his work Congress helped lay the path for what he considers some of the former president’s biggest accomplishments — including building sections of a wall at the Southern Border and movement of the U.S. embassies in Israel To Jerusalem.

The DeSantis closest comes to criticizing Trump This is where he points to the differences in how Florida The federal response was more effective at handling the pandemic than the state.

At DeSantis begins his memoir by listing what he believes to be the most important. “bold stands” he’s taken as governor: “fighting partisan media and entrenched bureaucrats by keeping Florida free during the coronavirus pandemic, battling Disney to protect young children in Florida, and standing against powerful interests to safeguard the state’s natural resources.”

The COVID-19 Pandemic

DeSantis relates his refusal to close schools or businesses in the Sunshine State During the COVID-19 epidemic, he said that individuals had greater responsibility to assess their health risk and make informed decisions about it.

“People throughout our country and across the globe looked to Florida as a citadel of freedom in a world gone mad,” He said.

He It is stated that the COVID-19 policies caused economic stagnation in the rest of the world, but not in the United States. Florida They thrived both during and after this pandemic.

Yale, Harvard?, NavyThen, Congress

The Memoir contains biographical details about DeSantis’ college experience. Yale Harvard Law SchoolHe also served in the Navy’s Judge Advocate General’s CorpsHe completed his tours of duty in Iraq And the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba.

He His first run for Congress In 2012, a “long-shot,” He credits his wife, however. Casey For its ultimate success. Throughout His wife is depicted as his confidante and advisor during his discussions about his policy agenda.

DeSantis claims he refused a congressional pension, and stopped trading stocks after being elected because he believes that there is a better way. “citizen legislature” And not a “professional ruling class,” Which he criticizes Congress The act of becoming.

Florida Governor

DeSantis credits Trump Thanks for helping him win the first Florida gubernatorial run in 2018. A Twitter He writes that a post by the former president helped him to secure the office.

DeSantis explains how he handled several issues, including the ban on teaching Critical Race Theory In Florida classes, and his choice to stand toe to toe alongside the Walt Disney Corporation When they criticised his support of a bill that would prohibit the discussion about sexual identity with students from kindergarten through third grade.

He It turns out that originally, the new Disney CEO Bob Chapek didn’t want to weigh in on the political issue because it was “irrelevant to the company and its businesses.” But DeSantis suggests that the then-former — now current — Disney CEO Bob Iger’s public advocacy opposing the bill put pressure on the board to “assuage its liberal employees in Burbank.”

Although He said he was warned Chapek In a private conversation “not get involved,” The company publicly opposed this bill. DeSantis claims he has continued to support the bill in spite of being opposed by the “leftist media and activist pressure.”

DeSantis’ memoir ends with him saying his at-times controversial approach to governing was affirmed by the people of Florida When they reelected him for 2022, by almost 20 points The His achievements as governor and potential presidential candidate in 2024 suggest that he is a successful man. “a winning blueprint for patriots across the country,” The path towards success. American “revival.”

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