Wildberries sellers at the company’s head office demanded that their accounts be unblocked

About 70 people gathered at the main office of the Wildberries marketplace in Moscow, demanding that their accounts be unblocked. The company blocked the accounts of 300 sellers due to involvement in illegal advertising on the site.

“RIA News” reports that the police arrived at the office building. Entrepreneurs chant: “Give us back our money.” The lawyer of the initiative group told the agency that those who fell under the blocking of the marketplace plan to apply to the Prosecutor General’s Office.

On May 11, Wildberries reported that the company’s security service “uncovered illegal ways to promote” on the site using external services. Allegedly, the sellers of the marketplace used the Telegram bot to set up advertising campaigns on the site, but did not pay for them. The company estimated the damage from the described fraud at 650 million rubles.

About 300 sellers used the services, Wildberries specified, and therefore their accounts on the site were blocked. Today, May 23, Wildberries announced that with 60% of the suspects it was decided to resume cooperation, since the amount of damage caused was insignificant. 40%, according to the company, “caused significant damage.” Law enforcement agencies continue to check until June 10.

Lusine Balasyan


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