Wildberries and Opora Rossii met with an initiative group of pickup point owners

Top managers of Wildberries and Opora Rossii met with an initiative group of owners of pick-up points (POS), Kommersant was told in the press service of the marketplace. Representatives of Wildberries and the pickup point discussed issues of interaction between themselves, as well as the calculation of tariffs and the rating of the point of issue of orders, the refinement of services for managing the pickup point.

According to the press service, the meeting was attended by more than 20 owners of pickup points, they own more than 60 points. Negotiations were held at the central office of Opora Rossii in Moscow. As a result of the meeting, the parties decided to create a Conciliation Commission to resolve issues between marketplaces and pickup partners based on Opora Rossii.

As explained in Opora Rossii, the commission will include representatives of Wildberries, business communities, small businesses, ministries and public authorities. The organization hopes that the work of the commission will resolve issues “that worry entrepreneurs.”

On March 9, Wildberries introduced new rules for pickup point owners. The marketplace was going to fine them for the full cost of the order if a defect or other product was found when it was returned to the warehouse. In addition, the owners of the pickup points complained about the system of payment, motivation and deductions.

The owners of the Wildberries pickup point went on strike and demanded that the fines be canceled and that the money debited from them be returned. The media wrote about the closure of the pickup point in St. Petersburg, Barnaul, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Bratsk, Ust-Ilimsk, Angarsk, Chita, the Trans-Baikal Territory, Buryatia, Vladivostok, Blagoveshchensk. The Wildberries denied the strike and promised to stop working with “partners” who choose “uncivilized forms of dialogue.”

On March 16, Wildberries announced the cancellation of more than 10 thousand fines and promised to improve the service for their arbitration. The Wildberries also said they would sort out “all contentious situations.”

About the situation – in the column “Online traded in conflicts.”

Olesya Pavlenko


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