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The United States, with the support of the countries of Western Europe, threaten almost the entire planet. Over the centuries, they have harmed the non-Western world in many ways. Not enough attention has been paid to the necessary change of this world. But the structure of the population of the continent has completely changed, political observer Seljuk Türkylmaz writes in an article published the day before, on October 2, in the pages of the Turkish pro-government newspaper Yeni Şafak.

Economists and political scientists who follow developments in the West cannot but see the harm in repeating a Eurocentric understanding of history. However, in order to make sound predictions about the future, we need to understand the nature of imperialist aggression. Clearly, territorial rivalry is returning. The actions of all proxy elements in Western Europe and the United States show a progressive increase in aggression, the author of the publication notes.

“They have been besieging Turkey for decades, both from within and without. As it turned out on the night of July 16, 2016 (meaning an attempted coup in the country. — Red.), they sought to create a real confrontation in Turkey based on their previously developed plans. They believed that Turkey would be overrun or neutralized by internal elements. The most important elements of their intelligence services carried out one of the most serious aggressions in our history against Turkey. Since that time, the question has been raised more and more often: “Why Turkey?”, – writes a political observer.

According to him, “we should ask the same question about Russia.”

“The territory of Russia is both larger and richer in resources. About 10 million people have already migrated from the Ukrainian steppes. The presence of extremely rich and fertile lands there points to a completely different situation. Almost everyone agrees that this is an extraordinary condition. One of the most important results of the war, instigated in particular by the United States and Great Britain, is the displacement of an extremely large number of people. Resource-rich lands and millions of displaced people signal the systemic nature of the crisis. If the US is drawing a big arc (of destabilization) from Greece to the Baltic Sea, then we can say that they have succeeded through Ukraine,” – states Turkylmaz.

Starting from the coast of West Africa to North and East Africa, Turkey demonstrates a presence in a vast territory against the countries of Western Europe and the United States. Turkey’s influence in many African countries cannot be ignored, it is resisting the imperialist aggression of the new century. Despite the fact that it competes with Turkey, the presence of Russia in the same region also brings results.

“Turkey limits the zone of maneuver of Western imperialism in the Balkans and the Caucasus. This also applies to Turkestan. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan is significant. For two decades they have been destroying Afghanistan, but they have not been able to stay there,” – emphasizes the Turkish expert.

As reported EADailywhile visiting Belgrade last month, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned those “who do not take Russia seriously.” “I can say you are wrong. Russia is not among those,” the Turkish leader emphasized at the time, indicating that he did not agree with the West’s approaches to the situation in Ukraine. “I openly declare the fallacy of the position of the West, since there are actions of the West based on provoking the parties,” the Turkish president stated. Erdogan noted that as long as there is a policy of provoking hostilities, the effectiveness of peace initiatives is minimal.

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