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Why the theft of corona vaccine has started increasing in the country…..many questions arising from these incidents

Experts are telling the vaccine to be the most effective weapon to prevent the corona epidemic. At the same time, incidents of theft of this effective weapon have increased from different parts of the country. After all, what is the reason behind it?


  • First of all, 320 doses of corona were stolen from the government hospital in Jaipur.
  • Covishield and Covaccine missing from Jind government hospital in Haryana
  • Doctor was stealing vaccine from PHC in Bangalore and applying it for Rs 500-500

New Delhi
Corona vaccine is the most effective defense to prevent it in the midst of corona epidemic. In such a situation, experts are talking about getting more people vaccinated as soon as possible. In the midst of all this, now incidents of corona vaccine theft are coming to the fore from some parts of the country. The first case of theft of corona vaccine was reported from Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Many questions are being raised about the vaccine stolen from the government hospital. After the incidents of theft one after the other, the question is arising in the minds of the people whether the illegal vaccine racket has become active, which is black marketing the corona vaccine. At the same time, there is also a possibility of complicity of some employees there in the incidents of theft of vaccines from the hospital.

Vaccine stolen from Jaipur hospital, complaint was lodged
The incident of vaccine theft came to light after the lack of corona vaccine in Rajasthan. This was probably the first case of theft of corona vaccine in the country. On 14 April, 320 doses of Covaccine were stolen from a government hospital in Jaipur. When the CCTV footage was attacked, the CCTV camera from where the vaccine was stolen was not working at all. The collusion of any employee of such hospital was also suspected. After the incident came to light, the Health Department had registered a case against unknown thieves.

1710 doses were stolen from the hospital in Jind
On April 22 this year, a case of corona vaccine theft from the Civil Hospital in Jind, Haryana came to light. Thieves stole 1710 doses of the vaccine by breaking the lock of the store room of the hospital. As soon as the news of the theft of vaccine doses spread, there was a stir in the hospital administration. By evening, a bike rider left 622 doses of vaccine in a plastic bag at the tea shop in front of the Civil Lines police station. The thief had also kept a note with it in which it was written – ‘Forgive me. Did not know that there is corona vaccine in it.

A filled syringe was found in the garbage in Aligarh
A case of 29 syringes filled with corona vaccine was found in the garbage in Jamalpur Urban PHC of Aligarh. After this, a case of missing covaccine came to light from the vaccination center of Urban PHC Naurangabad in Thana Gandhi Park area. 32 empty viales of Kovid vaccine are missing from here. The police have started investigation after registering the case.

Doctor arrested for vaccine theft in Bangalore
Police arrested a female doctor in connection with the theft of a vaccine at the Primary Health Center in Bangalore. It was alleged that the doctor, along with his colleague, was stealing the vaccine from the PHC and applying it to people for Rs 500-500. For this she used to use her colleague’s house. This vaccine was given to the people at Manjunathnagar PHC to be administered free of cost. The police also seized 20 vials of Covishield and Rs 12,000 from the doctor. Two other people were also arrested by the police in this case.

Children’s vaccine stolen due to corona vaccine
In Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, thieves stole 300 other children’s vaccines for the corona vaccine. The police had registered a case against unknown people in this case. The incident happened last month. The thieves also stole the CCTV’s DVR and monitor to destroy the evidence. According to the report, the thieves entered the PHC through the bathroom window. After this, vaccines for tuberculosis, whooping cough, tetanus, polio, rubella and rotavirus were stolen in the store room. The thieves thought it was a vaccine for the corona virus.



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