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Why do some people see side effects after getting the corona vaccine? read answer here

After getting any vaccine, its temporary side effects are seen in the body such as headache, fatigue and fever. All these symptoms are a sign that your immune system is becoming more active. This is a normal reaction to any vaccine and these side effects are also common. Dr Peter Marks, head of the US Food and Drug Administration, who experienced fatigue after taking the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, said, “The day after taking these vaccines, I could not do any physical activity that involved a lot of stress. Have to put it on.”

To understand why this happens, we have to understand our immune system. There are two main parts of the immune system, the first of which comes into action immediately after any foreign particle is detected. White blood cells (WBCs) start accumulating at the site where the foreign particle is detected causing inflammation that causes chills, pain, fatigue and other side effects.

Side effects are more common in young people than in the elderly

This quick response of your immune system declines with age. This is the reason why side effects are more common in young people than in the elderly. In addition, some vaccines cause more reactions than others. This means that everyone gets a different reaction. If you do not feel anything for a day or two after taking a dose of the vaccine, it does not mean that the vaccine is not working. After getting vaccinated, the other part of your immune system that will provide you with real protection from the virus goes on silently making antibodies.

There’s also another troubling side effect: As your immune system is activated, it sometimes causes temporary swelling of the lymph nodes, such as those under the arm. Women are advised to have regular mammograms before the COVID-19 vaccination so that the lump is not mistaken for cancer.

Some people also develop severe allergies

Not all side effects are regular or common. But after hundreds of millions of vaccines and intensive safety monitoring around the world, some serious risks have been identified. A minor population complained of abnormal blood clotting after taking vaccines manufactured by AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. Some countries have reserved those vaccines for older adults, but regulatory authorities say the benefits outweigh the risks. Some people also develop severe allergies, so you may need to take any COVID-19 vaccine. After that, you are asked to stay at the center for 15 minutes so that any reaction can be treated faster.

In addition, officials are trying to find out if the temporary swelling of the heart that can occur with a variety of infections is also a rare side effect of mRNA vaccines. The vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA vaccines. US health officials have not yet been able to say any links, but have said they are monitoring some such reports, especially among young men or youth.


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