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Sweden is expected to become the first country in the world to officially register sex as a sport. In June, the country will host the first ever profile European Championship, according to the official website of the local sex federation (SSF). The tournament starts on June 8 near Gothenburg and will last for several weeks. Representatives of twenty countries of the world will take part in the championship.

It is specified that the championship will be held in three stages, in each of which participants must score a certain number of points.

Moreover, a special resource will organize the broadcast of the competition, and the federation will bear all the expenses of the participants.

Competitions will be held in 16 disciplines: seduction, massage of various parts of the body, massage of erotic zones on the opponent’s body, foreplay, oral sex, penetration, endurance, appearance, posture, creativity in changing positions, endurance and the number of orgasms in a certain time, artistic performance and exchange of poses, increase in blood pressure and heart rate during the competition, the most beautiful and difficult pose, the most artistic communication according to the jury and the audience, the couple that was the most active during the competition, as well as the most artistic in the “Kama Sutra” and the most popular with the jury and the audience.

SSF was founded in 2016 and is currently the only organization in the world that considers sex as a sport.

The organization includes more than 30 associations, it has over 3,000 members throughout the country:

“SSF organizes, educates, awards certificates and scholarships to active participants who train and compete in sex. SSF was the first in the world to organize the European Sex Championship. One of the most important areas that SSF is fighting for is to strongly oppose the dominance of men over women.”

A sexologist shared her expectations from the upcoming championship with Gazeta.ru Irina Makeeva:

“Sport is endurance, regular training, discipline, injuries, defeats. I would not want to put sex on the level of mechanics. It would be interesting to watch such a tournament except from the point of view of its organization. Will the participants be embarrassed by the observation of the public and the jury? I think if we are talking about a sport, then we can hardly see an embarrassed Plushenko on ice, which suddenly became uncomfortable with skates due to the presence of the jury. People know what they are getting into, and, most likely, they will still go into a rage and enjoy the atmosphere and the presence of third parties.

Moreover, the specialist named the most attractive, in her opinion, disciplines:

“The most interesting disciplines are “Oral Sex” and “Most Artistic Communication According to the Jury and the Audience”, because sex without art is devoid of depth. In sex, there must be elements not only of sports, but also of sensuality. Comparable to ballroom dancing.

According to the expert, participation in such competitions will bring joy to all contestants:

“I think such competitions will unite like-minded people and bring great pleasure to all participants. The main thing is that such competitions should not be included in the Olympics and broadcast on federal channels. Is it possible to compare participants of same-sex and opposite-sex couples? No, it will definitely be biased. Women and men have different sensations from the process and methods of influencing erogenous zones and their location. When it comes to sports, then heterosexual couples should be taken as the basis.

Whether the Russians take part in the tournament is still unknown. But if so, then I would like to know – on a general basis or in the status of neutral-individual athletes, without the right to compete in team events.

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